About Me

Welcome to demirevpipes.com

My name is Kolyo Demirev and I am making pipes since 2012. My passion for this noble art began when I touched the first piece of briar and did not leave me for even a second. The wood shapes suggest what the next pipe will be like, but the unique pattern turns it into something that cannot be repeated. Despite the classic shapes, each pipe has its own individual appearance and is quite special. I love them all, regardless of size and forms. The pipe is born from craftsmanship and the pinch of magic in the process. I leave a part of myself in each one.

My profession was different, but my real passion is to create smoking pipes. I work in Bulgaria, having previously made pipes in the Czech Republic. Here, the tradition of pipe production is not so popular. This allows me not to limit my imagination and to experiment with new textures, techniques or shapes. Although the type of pipe is set in advance, sometimes the end result is different: more original and interesting. It turns out that the briar leads me and I follow the patterns.

Demirev Pipes products are available in some of the biggest pipe stores.

But the most important for me are the evaluations of the clients and the references I receive. They are the true recognition of all my work.

Every single pipe on the website is handmade with Italian or Spanish briar and German ebonite. The finish is with carnauba wax.

The pipes are all available for sale, so if you have questions about the workmanship, parameters or specifications of a model, contact us via the contact form or through the profiles of Demirev pipes in the Social Media.

Is it possible to make a pipe with in custom design? Of course. Please use the contact form and e-mail me.

I am Kolyo Demirev and I say welcome to my world.

I believe your next pipe is here!


 Here you can find some of my pipes