About Me


My name is Kolyo Demirev. I was born in Bulgaria, but now I live in Prague, Czech Republic.

I've been working as an electrician, but that job never satisfied me completely. I've been always looking for my place, closer to nature and creativity. In my pipes I discovered what I was looking for.

The first step I took in my new venture was in 2012. With a good friend who gave me the confidence to continue my venture, we bought a small shop in Prague. The plan was to gain an idea of the stages through which the piece of briar becomes a pipe. On that day I realized that pipe making was what I wanted to do.

I will not go into details how I learned from videos and photos. I was looking and keeping every available information. Since then, I often dream about how my future pipes would look like. Anyone touched by the briar beauties probably know what I mean.

My handmade smoking pipes are finished with carnauba wax. I also use German ebonite, Italian or Spanish briar.

I wish you a pleasant trip through my world! For inquiries and questions, please use the contact form.

Thank you!